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05:04pm 01/11/2005
  i guess the whole little moving thing got fucked up when u came into my store didn't it?  
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10:09am 10/10/2005
  livejournal is a place where poeple are gonna say what they are gonna say.. it has already been thought of and typed so oh fuckin well..get the fuck over it!!!!

tattoos are awesome i got another one....hunch punch is awesome.....meetin people in macon and them showin up 2 hours late is not so awesome but sitting in the car wit the most amazing guy in the entire world is awesome

fevo and i went to netherworld on saturday...it was sooooo much fun.. we basically had to take care of this little girl seeing ass how she practically jumped on me every time a monster came out. so between fevo and i we pretty much got the whole family through.

he asked me why i love him so much...i told him that i didn't kno why but i do....
its the way he wipes away my tears when he friends make me so angry i can't do anything but cry
its the way he plays with my hair when we are in bed
its how he knows everything about me but loves me anyway
and even though i tell him i hate it.. it the way he teases me
its how u put back on the song u changed( even though you hate it) because i like the song
i could name so many reasons why i love him so much but i just don't hve the time or space
it obviously the little things because heisn't one for grand gestures which is another thing i love
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11:06am 29/09/2005
  lame lame lame lame lame....all i have to say about this is lame and i'm glad i have new friends from work!
ivan, greg, stanton,charlene, felica, torri and brandon are awesome!

i think it is better to have one or two good frined then half a dozen b/c it doesn't turn out well.. i think the reason why the group of friend i have now works well is cuz we don't see or talk to each other everyday and we don't consume each other with each others problems.. its good to have friends just now close ones is what i'm trying to say.

tomorrow is pay day!!! and ktlay and i are going shopping!
10:03pm 26/09/2005
  okay ima clear my name...

holly and amanda.. i did say to morgandi that i didn't like hanging out with you guys and i wont deny that.. i really didn't i felt very uncomfortable and i felt not wanted soit wasn't that i didn't like u guys and amanda i told you this when you called me that day. what was said between morgandi and i should have stayed between morgandi and i but apparently ppl don't understand the concept of private conversations and yes i was mad at morgandi for what she did because a good friend would have called and if you can't fgiure out the reason why a good friend should have called then you needed to do some research on that. As for the whole everybody fighting and talkin about each other thing... i think we are a little to old for that and should have grown up by now.... don't blame kyle for fevo forgettin about u guys cuz we all know he doesn't have that much of an effect on ppl's lives.i really don't have very much to say my life is good now and i'm happy and i have been this way since the beginning of the summer when i started spending more time with myself than with everybody and i realized that i dind't need the drama in my life an wit the exception of this i ahven't had any. i hope that u guys all do well in college and have a good college life and be successful.

and on ktlay's behalf...
this girl has been there for me for nine years so i am totally prepared to take any shit for her. i don't think katie should have been brought in this in the first place becuase she has tried to be everybody's friend through all of this. and as for lindsey calling her and sayin that katie was trying to steal her boyfriend or katie was flirting with her boyfriend..she can jus forget about that katie wanted nothing to do with whatever his name was and anyways she talked to lindsey about it and they were all drunk and what was said was said . she never tries to hurt anyone but it was him who said something first and he is a boy and has a dick and says stupid shit and that doesn't mean katie was trying to steal him. ok so what katie has experimented and yes she has been with keith but that is her business and that should effect her friendship wit anyone and that doesn't mean that she isn't a reliable friend b/c she and i are still going at it and its been 9 year maybe you guys don't kno her like i do and care about her like i do. but of everything she wasn't poppin pills and wasn't giving ppl the money to buy drugs and she wasn't gettin walked all over by ppl. she stayed out of everything.

she and i realled did care about all of you and i'm sorry our friendships are ended and i don't want to start anything.

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07:13pm 22/08/2005
  u are BULLSHIT! you act like a friend and you act like you care.. what a load of crap.. u gotta put all my business out there like that... thanx.. you should have jsut kept it in ur fuckin head  
11:52pm 18/08/2005
mood: sick
i want an orange bronco.. with convertible top.. i want my hair blowing in the wind.. i want to be proposed to in bed and be married on july 9th... thats what i want my future to look like.. if i could choose thats how it would be FOREVER. we would wake up in the middle of the night kissing and not know how we got there.. i wouldnt be able to resist touching him even if its in dirty places.. id sleep in his shirts and his old boxers and feel more beautiful that ever before... we'd eat grilled cheese and macaroni and cheese and cheese sandwhiches and id claim i dont like cheese very much.. i'd catch him looking at me and smiling.. he'd make the past some how just disappear.. he'd forgive me for all the lies that i told before him that still haunt me today.. he'd say bless you before i sneezed.. i'd lay with him and out of the blue be overwhelmed realizing that i love this person so damn much that i can bearly breath..

wait i already have most of that..im probably the luckiest girl in the world.. and if i keep my fingers crossed my life will be as perfect as the rest of that sounds....

01:32pm 13/08/2005
  we are allowed to feel right?? i mean honestly be sad or mad or happy or even high if thats what we r feeling then its right. no feeling that you ever have is wrong becuase it is yours.. get it? got it? GOOD.

02:42pm 12/08/2005
  wasnt this the summer of no regrets??

ive followed through with that. dont get me wrong ive done some freakin stupid things this summer but i do not have a regret that i can think of. ive kissed boys and girls.. ive taken so many pills that im suprised im still alive.. ive partied like the best of them. ive broken hearts broken glasses and broken cars. ive smiled more than i ever thought i would and ive cried at things that shouldnt upset me. its comming to an end guys i think we all knew this would happen but it happened way to fast.. i hate that im not moving on but i do honestly love the fact that im staying here with a person that means alot to me. this summer i moved on from somehting i had figured i would never get over and ive fallen for someone who is actually good for me. ive lied and told the truth.. and now that its ending i wish we would turn the clocks and calenders back and start it all over again but just know..

it was something unpredictable
but in the end its right
i hope you had the time of your life..

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12:24am 11/08/2005
  fuck all this shit....you guys are no better than the people you hate

thats right tho..jus talk, talk talk talk talk talk thats what you do best becuase you don't have the balls to say it to my face
10:53pm 10/08/2005
  fuck it i had something deep to say and then i realized i really just dont care anymore. maybe what i did hurt him but its all for the best.. becuase i have come to realize i hurt everyone in the long run.

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05:53pm 08/08/2005
  getting a kiss right as you are waking up.. so soft that u cant tell if its real or if ur dreaming.. thats what life is really about.. goodmorning wonderful.

the beach was fun.. almost dying was awful.. and holly drunk was crazy. we talked to my mom for a long time on saturday night and i guess i finaly see her point of view. i feel sooo stupid now looking at someone else going through it.. i think why could i have not just ended it early and saved everyone the pain of the lies and heartbreak. she's hurting alot. i can see hope in her eyes but everytime he lets her down she looses one more drop of herself. and ive been there. i cry and plead telling her please dont do this to yourself.. you are gonna wake up in 4 years and wish it all was some kind of bad dream.. and it really was. a nightmare if u will. yet for some reason i stayed. i kept thinking no one else loves him so i will. no one else is there when he needs them.. ill be that person.. no one else can save him.. let that be me. and now.. i realize everyone loved him but he lost it.. and he needs to rely on himself before ne one else can be there.. and he's too far gone to be saved..

and i told him that today he cant count on me.. im leaving for good. and that quite possible coulda been the best thing i ever did. it feels good like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.. now i only wish she can be that strong too.

she is a wonderful person. has a whole lot going for her.. shes smart and remarkably beautiful. and so strong. i used to wish i had her strength. and now i see her struggling. and i just pray she finds somewhere in herself a reason.. whatever it may be.. to say i dont deserve this. i love you beautiful. remember that.

and being held as i fall asleep is the perfect ending to a perfect day. goodnight amazing.

<3 morgandi jane
10:45am 05/08/2005
  10 days til fevogets home!!!!!!!!!!!!  
11:26am 01/08/2005
  15 days til fevo comes home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111  
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08:39pm 31/07/2005
  i still get mad.. and i still hurt. everything they do.. i watch and smile and wish i was dead.. i dont like it.. isnt that clear.. everyone does it ok.. but everyone hurts everyone does that even make sense?? you hurt me everytime.. you do it and smile and act like im not there cuz i know its killing you watching me cry. atleast i hope so. i hate it remember? i effin hate it. your killing yourself while smiling.. smile u mother effer. just smile.

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11:16am 29/07/2005
  18 days til fevo comes home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!did it for ya fevee, just incase you couldn't update today  
01:43am 29/07/2005
  so it is another night and yes im a lil bit ..ummm... happpy??? and my MAN is sitting beside me and life is soo good. im sorry if any of this is gonna sound rambled on but here we go.... he smoking a cigg and hes perfect.. thats it plain and simple. its true. im one of the luckiest girls in the world.. scuz i am loved. hes caring and nice and funny and he doesnt get uncomfortable when i cry. he was there when my mom called and said my dad left our asses. and he was there when i thought no one loved me ne more.. he opens doors and smiles when i walk into the room.. basically hes what i always wanted but knew i didnt deserve....

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06:00pm 27/07/2005
  if nipples could stay hard all the time then how would you know if it was cold??

alot of nothing has been going on.. as we waiste away in this summer heat... holy crap its effin hott. i cant wait for winter so i can wear sweaters and eat thanksgiving food and.. stay close to a boy to keep me warm.. maybe thats the best part of winter. being so close shaking at every touch.. steaming up cars from merely talking all night.

our life split 3 ways.. with 4 people. its a sad sad world
04:55pm 26/07/2005
mood: hot
it is tooo freakin hot!!!!!!! 101.8 on my thermoeter...i'm moving up north!!!!!
10:57pm 23/07/2005
  she gives a smile when the pain comes..
the pains gonna make everything alright..
she talks to angels...

long ago someone said i was that girl.. long ago maybe i was. its been a long time since i really knew who i was..

she paints her eyes as black night now...

sometimes i really wish i knew the future.. there is this boy that i care for so much.. but sometimes when i look into his eyes i wonder if he feels the same. maybe im jsut the girl who helps him pass the time. maybe im his whole world.. you can never tell behind those changing eyes of his.. i want to be someones entire world.. i want to hold him and know he is wanting to hold me back just as close. maybe im crazy. cuz he is wonderful to me. absolutly the best... hes good to me.. finding someone like that i prayed for, for a long time. a VERY long time. he holds me so close when we sleep.. car doors are always opened. he is the perfect one.. and now im starting to pray for him to see all these wonderful things in me...

- morgandi
05:05pm 08/07/2005
  i miss him!

duluth equals drama.. sumtimes when i am down there i get this overly dramatic feeling so sometimes i hate goin down there

tru friends...what is that ne ways

he says " hey whats wrong with you, you are usually the happy , not dramatic one and you are sad now"
she says " yea life and friends just kinda suck but don't worry about it things will come around"

what she really wants to say to him is...everyone has drama and problems..even the non-dramatic one, i just know not to bother people with it and make it a big deal... people need to realize that life isn't perfect and problems are a fact of life but people need to know their problems aren't bigger than ne one elses and they will pass with time.. its ok to ask for help with a problem its not okay to make your problem theirs.
i kno my problems will pass...i kno there is sumthing better for me soon..im gonna find it

bethlehem sucks..it really is in the middle of now where..i'd rather be in new york or in flordia with ktlay!